To achieve sustainability, Elapath has designed and developed a QHSE integrated management system and made it the essential DNA of its core business.

Elapath requires all employees and
contractors working under its control
and coordination, to adhere and
contribute to the ongoing development
of its rigorous standards and procedures
for quality, health, safety and the environment.

Elapath seeks excellence worldwide through a continuous improvement and learning culture. We make sure to provide adequate resources and education to our personnel to ensure work is carried out safely, professionally and proactively.

Elapath is committed to ensuring that its activities are an added value for clients, the environment and the local population. We operate under strict standards and legal requirements set by national agencies of the countries in which we perform.


QHSE is the heart, brain culture and DNA of Elapath Management system consisting of 4 international standards:

ISO 9001
TS/ISO 29001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 14001


To offer clients products & services made in compliance with standards To ensure that the work place is a safe environment that protects the health and psychological and physical well-being of its community To optimize the use of resources in areas where it operates


Elapath Code of Conduct provides a transparent guideline to the issues and obstacles that may negatively impact the management and reputation of our company. It sets out our fundamentals which are based on ethics, integrity and transparency to which we all should adhere. For more information, explore the full content here.

Our Team

Eden Akash

Mr. Eden Akash is a seasoned energy industry professional with over 30 years of experience in oil and gas exploration and production, as well as renewable energy solutions. As the Chairman and Chief Field Officer at Elapath Energy, Mr. Akash brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company's operations.

Mr. Akash began his career in the energy industry in the early 1990s, working in oil and gas drilling with Elapath Energy. Over the years, he gained valuable experience in the onshore US, offshore California, GOM, offshore Brazil, and the Middle East. However, he gradually transitioned to renewable energy in 2013, recognizing the importance of sustainable and efficient energy solutions for the future.

As part of his role at Elapath Energy, Mr. Akash has overseen the company's investment in research and development, building the company's expertise in solar energy and other renewable technologies. He has worked with leading experts in the field to design and implement innovative solutions that help clients reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy costs.

Mr. Akash's commitment to sustainable energy solutions is rooted in his belief that renewable energy is the key to creating a more sustainable future. He has played an instrumental role in Elapath Energy's transition from a fossil fuel company to a leading provider of clean energy solutions.

In addition to his work in the energy industry, Mr. Akash has a diverse educational background. He attended Istanbul University from 1979-1980 and has worked in the UAE. He currently resides in the USA.

Overall, Mr. Eden Akash's extensive experience, expertise, and commitment to sustainable energy solutions make him a valuable asset to Elapath Energy and the wider renewable energy industry.